Welcome To My Home Page !

I am Marlene E. Roeseler


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my favorite flower

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one of my Cabbage Patch children

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My Pledge to my Cabbage Patch children

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In my house there is a happy band of very loved and special beings.

In the photograph below you can click on any one of these special faces, and I will tell you of them.

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My Family

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Later additions to our Family


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Miss Madge


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Tough Guy


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Mitchell as baby


Mitchell as grown boy


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Ms. Moose


Ms. Moo


Ms. Rabbit


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the Chef


gang of three


the animal gang

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new from rehab shop, still in baby clothes








Charlie Brown


Bjorn, a "troll"



My Car "Woodie"

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Photos of my other Family Members

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See the Quilts I have made

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