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Moscow Covered Bridge

Moscow, Indiana

(Destroyed by a tornado on June 3, 2008)


Moscow Covered Bridge


built in 1886 by Emmet L. Kennedy


spans Big Flatrock river


346 feet in a double span


330 feet span with two 8 foot overhangs


Big Flatrock river


Burr Arch Truss construction


double arch



side windows








on the National Register of Historic Places


At Moscow on CR 650S

Latitude: N39 deg 29.08 min
Longitude: W85 deg 33.30 min

After being destroyed by a tornado on June 3, 2008


WISHTV chopper 8 photo


WISHTV chopper 8 photo


WISHTV chopper 8 photo

Flash Video taken from Chopper 8


the day after the tornado struck on June 3, 2008 - Photo  by Jim Barker who supervised the Restoration


framing work -- darker timbers are original 1886 wood salvaged and reused.   Photo  by Jim Barker


 Jim Barker's assistant, Jingyuan Zhou who did much of the design work, and was very accurate. 


 was taken in 2011 after rebuild was finished   Photo  by Jim Barker

14-70-01 14-70-02 14-70-04 14-70-07 14-70-08

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