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Most Recent Adventures

2015 was our most recent travel.

At age 85 I have given up foreign travel
and most travel within the US
more than two hours drive or especially after dark




Historic Governors' Mansion

Cheyenne, Wyoming

More Photos of Cheyenne



Experience these yourself with HolidayCheck


Grace Episcopal Church, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

More Photos of Old Saybrook

January 2014


The William H. Seward House Museum

More Photos of the Seward House Museum

May 2014


St Louis Union Station

More Photos of St Louis Union Station

June 2014

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Musée de Cluny

More Photos of Paris


M/S Chardonnay docked on the bank of the Rhone River

More Photos along the Rhone River

April 2013


EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

More Photos of EAA, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

July 2013


Museum of International Folk Art
Santa Fe, New Mexico

More Photos of Museum of International Folk Art

 From the Collection




August 2013


front door into the porch
Charleston, South Carolina

More Photos of Charleston

October 2013


Renaissance Vinoy Resort
St Petersburg, Florida

More Photos of St Petersburg

November 2013

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More Photos of Grenada


Carnival 2012

More Photos of Trinidad

February 2012


San Ignacio Miní

More Photos of Argentina


Jesús de Tavarangue Ruins

More Photos of Paraguay

March 2012


Babyland General, Cleveland, Georgia

More Photos of Babyland General

April 2012


Christ the Redeemer

More Photos of Brazil's Colonial Cities

May 2012


National Museum, Tirana, Albania

More photos of Albania


Saint Clement, Ohrid, Macedonia

More Photos of Macedonia


Mosaics, Pella, Greece

More Photos of Greece

June 2012


"Jupiter" of the Central Pacific at the "Golden Spike"

More Photos of Utah

July 2012


"Mailjumper" delivering mail by boat to mansion on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

More Photos of Lake Geneva

August 2012


Bryce Canyon quilt

Wisconsin Public Television,  Quilt Expo, Dane County Exhibition Hall

More Photos of Quilt Expo

September 2012


Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, Austin, Texas

More Photos of Austin

October 2012


United States Capitol
Washington, D. C.

More Photos of Washington, D. C.

November 2012


Detail of La Pigna sculpture on Atwells Avenue gateway arch,
Providence, Rhode Island

More Photos of Rhode Island

December 2012

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Dome of the Rock

More Photos of Israel

February 2011


Mobile Bay, Alabama

More Photos of Alabama

May 2011


Joya de Cerén, El Salvador

More Photo of Joya de Cerén and El Salvador


Copan, Honduras

More Photos of Copan, Honduras


large kite at Sumango, Guatemala

More Photos of Sumango Kites


market in Santiago de Atitlán, Guatemala

More Photos of Santiago de Atitlán


Sunrise over Tikal, Guatemala

More Photos of the Sunrise


Mask Temple, Lamanai, Belize

More Photos of Belize

June 2011


Louis Sullivan's Jewel Box, Grinnell, Iowa

More Photos of Iowa

July 2011


Doors of Dublin


Adare, Ireland

More Photos of Ireland


Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

More Photos of Northern Ireland


Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

More Photos of Scotland

August 2011


 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Photos of Bulgaria

September 2011



Photos of Nashville

November 2011


Chicago's Christkindlmarket

Photos of Chicago

December 2011

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Timor-Leste flag


Presidential Palace, Timor-Leste

More Photos of Timor-Leste

March 2010


Northern Territory Legislative Assembly
Parliament House, Darwin

More Photos of Darwin


Church of Tuvalu

More Photos of Tuvalu


Virginia State Capitol

More Photos of Richmond

April 2010


Staten Island ferry passing Governor's Island
New York City

More Photos of New York City

May 2010


Budweiser Brewery
St Louis


"Lee", a Clydesdale horse
for pulling the Budweiser Beer wagon

More Photos of St Louis

June 2010


4th of July Fireworks at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

More Photos of Fireworks

July 2010


City of Rocks, Idaho

More Photos of Idaho

August 2010


Buffalo, New York, City Hall

More Photos of Buffalo

September 2010


Longwood Gardens

More Photos of Longwood Gardens

October 2010


Branson, Missouri

More Photos of Branson

November 2010


Jamestown, Accra, Ghana

More Photos of Ghana



More Photos of Togo



More Photos of Benin



More Photos of Cameroon




Coffee estate on Sao Tome

More Photos of Sao Tome & Principe



More Photos of Gabon


Republic of the Congo

More Photos of Congo-Brazzaville


Swakopmund, Namibia

More Photos of Namibia

December 2010

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Maori show

Photos of New Zealand

January 2009


Joshua Tree National Park

Photos of Joshua Tree National Park

February 2009


South Beach, Miami

Photos of Miami Beach


Great Camp Sagamore, Adirondacks, New Yorkrk

Photos of Sagamore

May 2009


Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Photos of Las Vegas

June 2009


Villa Philbrook, Tulsa, Oklahoma

More Photos of Tulsa

July 2009


the passenger canal boat for visitors on the
Illinois and Michigan Canal

Photos of the Illinois and Michigan Canal

August 2009


Prague Castle above the Moldau river

Photos of Prague

September 2009


Portland, Oregon

Photos of Portland

October 2009


Panama Canal

More Photos of Panama

November 2009


colonial architecture in Cartagena

More Photos of Cartagena, Colombia

December 2009

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train station in Maputo, Mozambique

More Photos of Mozambique


African theme fabrics at a market in Swaziland

More Photos of Swaziland


Bourke's Luck Potholes, South Africa

More Photos of South Africa

January 2008


highlands of Lesotho

More Photos of Lesotho

February 2008


White Sands, New Mexico

More Photos of New Mexico


Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona

More Photos of Arizona

March 2008


Capelinhos Vulcano, Faial Island, Azores.

More Photos of the Azores

April 2008


Lisbon Cathedral, built after 1147 over the remnants of the mosque of the Islamic period.

More Photos of Lisbon

May 2008



More Photos of Toronto

June 2008


Finnish Homestead in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan

More Photos from the UP

July 2008


State House in Lansing, Michigan

More Photos of Lansing Michigan


Cuneo Mansion, Lake County, Illinois

More Photos of Lake County

August 2008


 Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke), Denmark

More Photos of Denmark


Schwerin Castle, Mecklenburg, Germany

More Photos of Mecklenburg, Germany

September 2008


two year old female, Mei Lan, at the Atlanta Zoo

Other Photos of Atlanta. Georgia

October 2008


Hunsecker Mill Covered Bridge
Lancaster County. Pennsylvania

More Photos of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Covered Bridges

November 2008

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Guard at Presidential Palace in Dakar

More Photos of Senegal

January 2007


Presenter at Juffure ("Roots" Village)

More Photos of the Gambia

February 2007


William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock, Arkansas

More Photos of the Clinton Presidential Library

March 2007


Porta Nigra, Trier, Germany

More Photos of Germany


square and cathedral, Luxembourg

More Photos of Luxembourg


cathedral interior, St. Gallen, Switzerland

More Photos of Switzerland

April 2007


spires of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

More Photos of Barcelona


street below the castle, Liechtenstein

More Photos of Liechtensten

May 2007


on the Bay of Fundy

More Photos of New Brunswick Canada


Cog Railroad to the top of Mount Washington

More Photos of New Hampshire


More Photos of Vermont

June 2007


Milwaukee Museum of Art

More Photos of the Milwaukee Museum of Art



More Photos of Taliesin

July 2007


Cumberland Bridge in Matthews, Indiana

More Photos of Covered Bridges in Indiana

August 2007


Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia
taken on tour of Russia and Baltic States

More Photos of

Saint Petersburg






September 2007


Morocco and the Sahara

Elderhostel in Morocco

October 2007


Hunsecker Mill Covered Bridge, Lancaster County

Covered Bridges in Pennsylvania

November 2007

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Jalisco dance

More Photos of Guadalajara, Mexico

March 2006


Palace of the Winds, Jaipur, India

Photos of India

April 2006


Chase County Courthouse, Cottonwood Falls. Kansas

Photos of Kansas

May 2006


St. David's Cathedral, Wales

Photos of Wales

June 2006


old torch, in the Museum of the
Statue of Liberty, New York City

Photos of Statue of Liberty Museum

July 2006


Shaker Boxes and Baskets

More Photos of the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

August 2006


Sacred Heart church, Montmartre, Paris, France

Photos of France

September 2006


Budva, Montenegro

Photos of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro

October 2006


City Hall, Philadelphia

Photos of Philadelphia

November 2006


Maison Pfister, Colmar, France

Photos of Alpine Christmas markets

December 2006

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Cheops pyramid at Giza, Egypt

More Photos of Egypt

February 2005


Castle in Kanazawa, Japan

More Photos of Japan

March 2005


Statue of the Lincoln family in Springfield, Illinois

More Photos of Lincoln Museum and Library

April 2005


Panda at the Wolong Research Center, China

More Photos of China

June 2005


aboard the m/s Juno traveling through the Göta canal, Sweden

More Photos of Sweden

July 2005


Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls and Folkmoot

August 2005


Erie Canal

More Photos from the Erie Canal

September 2005


Watkins Glen

Corning and Watkins Glen

October 2005


Cumberland Bridge in Matthews, Indiana

Covered Bridges of Indiana

November 2005


Roman mosaics from a rich Roman's villa (Diocletian period 286 - 305 AD)
Piazza Armerina, Sicily

Other Photos of Sicily

December 2005

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Rose Bowl Parade, Pasadena, California

January 1, 2004


Western Greece and the Ionian Sea

April 2004


Bryce Canyon, Utah

South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado

June 2004


Statue of Liberty, New York harbor

New York City

July 2004


One of the Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island

Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island

August 2004


Jackson Covered Bridge in Parke County, Indiana

Photos of the Covered Bridges in Indiana

October 2004



More Photos of Fallingwater, Pennsylvania


Lower Humbert Covered Bridge

More Photos of Covered Bridges of Somerset County, Pennsylvania

October 2004


a half meter long bratwurst on a freshly baked roll with mustard

More Photos of German Christmas Markets

December 2004

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April 2003

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North Western North America






British Columbia






International Peace Garden

June 2003

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Colonial and Revolutionary Virginia



Wren building, William and Mary College

Elderhostel program at William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia

August 2003

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bridge in Avignon

Provence, France

September 2003

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San Rafael glacier

Elderhostel program on the Mapuche and the Fjord lands of Chile

More Photos of Chile

November 2003

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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


an early colonial Moravian settlement

More Photos of an Elderhostel program in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

December 2003

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San Blas Islands, Panama

April 2002


"Down East", Maine and Campobello Island, New Brunswick

June 2002


Grand European Highlights by Train

July 2002


Ontario Waterway Cruise

August 2002

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North Africa







October 2002

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Ivory Coast

January 2001



January 2001

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Parts of the Former Soviet Union

Kaliningrad, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova

April - May 2001









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Elderhostel in San Diego, California


San Diego

June 2001

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Great Rivers of Europe

Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium


Along the rivers

June - July 2001

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Czech Festival in Wilber, Nebraska

August 2001

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In Search of the Source of the Nile

Zanzibar, Tanzania, Uganda


by Dhow from Zanzibar to the African Continent


to map the vast spaces

On the trail of the Explorers

September 2001

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learned of American Civil War and the Indian Territories

Elderhostel at Kerr Mansion, Poteau, Oklahoma

October 2001

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The Van Gogh/Gauguin exhibit at the Art Institute

Other Photos of Chicago

November 2001

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theater tour to New York City

New York City Photos (2001)

November 2001

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