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Crazy Horse Presidential Walk

Presidential Walk

Rapid City, South Dakota

Historic Downtown Rapid City, celebrates as
The City of the Presidents



President George Washington
First President of the United States
This statue of George Washington portrays him as a general in full military dress attire. Before he was known as a politician and, subsequently, President of the United States, George Washington was a military commander. At 6’2”, Washington was a tall man for this time in history and, like all the other presidential statues, is shown as life size. Depicted in a prideful military stature, he is shown at possibly his finest hour.
Sculptor: Lee Leuning
Benefactor: Rushmore Bank and Trust



President John Adams
Second President of the United States
As our second President, John Adams was known for his ability as a great orator. After Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, it was John Adams who presented it to Congress "with a power of thought and expression that moved us from our seats." As an important contributor to the Continental Congress, Adams is shown delivering an oratory dressed in full dress of that time period.
Sculptor: John Lopez
 Benefactor: Stanford Adelstein


President Thomas Jefferson
Third President of the United States
Our third President of the United States, Jefferson was the most gifted writer of his time. He is shown here during the most important segment of our American history, the writing of the Declaration of independence. If you look closely, the Declaration is shown in its total composition on this statue. Jefferson appears to be looking away from the document, as if looking to the future.
Sculptor: Edward E. Hlavka
Benefactor: Dr. Edward and Peg Seljeskog


President James Madison
Fourth President of the United States
Known as the “Great Little Madison,” James Madison was most likely the most intellectual of all the presidents. Madison was a major contributor to most of the Constitution of the United States. He was a man of small stature, standing only 5'2” tall and weighing only one hundred pounds. He did not have a strong speaking voice so was not known as a great orator, choosing to be behind the scenes. He is shown here with his finger at a page in a reference book.
Sculptor: Lee Leuning
Benefactor: Bill and Pete Duhamel


President James Monroe
Fifth President of the United States
President James Monroe was a man of tall stature, standing over six feet tall. Monroe was the only President to be re-elected without competition. He was known to be very cordial man, a man of charming demeanor who always carried a cane. He is shown in the attire of that time in history.
Sculptor: Lee Leuning
Benefactor: Walt Hall Family



President John Quincy Adamsms
Sixth President of the United States
John Quincy Adams is shown as you might see him as you crossed paths with him at any time. John Quincy was not a casual man in any sense of the word and was always dressed in full formal dress with top hat and cane. Here he is portrayed as the man he was on all occasions.
Sculptor: John Lopez
 Benefactor: First Western Bank


President Andrew Jackson
Seventh President of the United States
Andrew Jackson was a man of strong will with a military background. Jackson was a firebrand, a duelist and an Indian fighter. He is depicted here as a man of defiance, a characteristic that dominated his lifestyle. With military uniform billowing and arms folded sternly, this shows the true attitude of this man.
Sculptor: James Michael Maher
Benefactor: Art and Sarah Ludwick


President Martin Van Buren
Eighth President of the United States
Van Buren is seated on a bench, reading his local newspaper, the Kinderhook. At 5'6", plump in figure and always elegantly dressed, his colleagues called him “The Little Magician.” Van Buren was probably the first of what we now come to know as a true politician. The sculptor placed him on a bench to allow interaction with the public, creating an opportunity for a photograph with one of our Presidents.
Sculptor: Edward E. Hlavka
Benefactor: Sponsorship available



President Dwight Eisenhower
Thirty-Fourth President of the United States
Portrayed as one of our historically important generals, the sculptor chose to portray him as the Supreme Allied Commander on the eve the Normandy Invasion. If you notice, at his feet, he stands with his foot on England, straddles the English Channel and stands on Europe with the other foot, depicting a very significant time in the history of the free world.
Sculptor: Lee Leuning
Benefactor: Art and Sarah Ludwick


President John Kennedy
Thirty-Fifth President of the United States
The sculptor chose to show Kennedy with his son, John Jr. He is handing his son one of his favorite toys, an air fighter plane. This moment in time takes place at the White House after the President is winding down following a Cabinet meeting. This is a very popular image of Kennedy during one of his happier moments with a member of his family.
Sculptor: John Lopez
Benefactor: The Family of Pandju Merali


President Lyndon Johnson
Thirty-Sixth President of the United States
This statue depicts Johnson in what came to be known as the “the Johnson treatment.” Although not an overly tall man, he had a very menacing, strong presence and was known for his tendency to get “in one’s face” to make a point. He is shown here with that forward thrust of his body that tended to intimidate those around him. The books on the desk next to him were Machiavelli’s The Prince and The Great Society.
Sculptor: James Michael Maher
Benefactor: Sponsorship Available



President Richard Nixon
Thirty-Seventh President of the United States
This statue represents Richard Nixon during his delicate negotiations of the opening of China to the western world. He is posed in a Chinese-design chair, with the power posture of his hands, negotiating with Mao Tse-tung (Zedong). History would later recognize this as one of his finest moments.
Sculptor: Edward E. Hivaka
Benefactor: Arthur and Sarah Ludwick, Dr. Edward and Peg Seijeskog



 President Gerald Ford
Thirty-Eighth President of the United States
Gerald Ford was man of strong athletic abilities, having played football for the University of Michigan. Ford graduated in the top 5% of his class. Standing over six feet tall, he was a well-built man with a comfortable demeanor. His presidency was marked by difficult decisions involving the ending of the war in Vietnam and the aftermath of the Watergate scandal. The nation was fortunate to have his calm, conciliatory leadership at the critical time. He is shown here with his Golden Retriever, Liberty, who frequently shared the Oval Office with President Ford.
Sculptor: James Michael Maher
Benefactor: Dodgetown: The Rypkema Family


President Jimmy Carter
Thirty-Ninth President of the United States
Jimmy Carter is portrayed here as a man of the people, not one to show a lot of pomp and circumstance. This statue captures him in one of his walks down Pennsylvania Avenue, shown in very casual dress, jacket off, a familiar image of President Carter. (Please note the plaid pants.)
Sculptor: John Lopez
Benefactor: Ray Godfrey, Donald Herrmann, Jim and Nelia Meier, Don and Joan Perdue

President Ronald Reagan
Fortieth President of the United States
The sculptor chose to depict Ronald Reagan in western attire during a time that he enjoyed the most, spending time on his ranch. Reagan was a man of strong body and strong will who enjoyed the physical labor on his ranch. This activity gave him respite from the rigors of the Presidency.
Sculptor: James Michael Maher
Benefactor: Chuck and Barbara Lien


 President George Bush
Forty-First President of the United States
President George Herbert Walker Bush is portrayed during his time as President. President Bush’s interests were certainly global so it seems fitting that he should be presented with a world globe. It is interesting to note that President George Bush is standing opposite President John Adams, the only two presidents to have their sons, President John Quincy Adams and President George W. Bush, also serving as presidents.
Sculptor: Edward E. Hivaka
Benefactor: Don and Joan Perdue


Crazy Horse Presidential Walk

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