Buildings Flowers



Spring's Greeting - Frieda Anderson


Presentation Rose  -  Barbara Barrick McKie


Four Energies of Rose  -  Beth Wheeler and Lori Marquette


Just Dandy - Ruth Powers


Fresh as a Daisy - Melinda Bula


Standing Tall  -  Sue Holdaway Heys


Flower Fields Forever - Doria Goocher


My Heart with Pleasure Fills & Dances with the Daffodils  -  Marjorie Post


Colorful Caladiums - Sandra Werlich


Promise - Lauren Strach


Whispering Pines - Frieda Anderson


Black Eyes Susans  -  Debra M. Danko


Night Blooming Dahlia - Sheri Wood


Leaves  -  Karen Spencer


Parallel Paths  -  Elaine Plogman


Anthurium  -  Heidi Stegehuis-Ihle, the Netherlands


Indescribable -  Annette M. Hendricks


Torch Ginger  -  Heidi Stegehuis-Ihle, the Netherlands

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Buildings Flowers

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