Artists of Sheboygan

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Artists of Sheboygan County

Third Saturday  June 2016


Keary Kautzer

Keary Kautzer paints in the American Modernist style, painting with limited hues to set a mood to draw the viewer in.   Living in Sheboygan along the shoreline of Lake Michigan is a main reason why many of his paintings have water related scenes.  A career in photography and video has enabled  him to transfer his visual experiences into his paintings.                                                            


 Dale Knaak


Dale is a native of Sheboygan , Wisconsin . He moved to Milwaukee after high school to study art. He lived in Milwaukee for 10 years, where he received the basis of his art training. After obtaining a degree in Commercial Art, he went on to study painting and drawing with the late James Prohl of Atelier Prohl.

While living in Milwaukee , Dale worked as an Illustrator in a downtown art studio, and as Art Director for the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. He moved back to Sheboygan to work as an Illustrator and Art Director for a design studio. In 1992, he quit his full-time employment to become a freelance illustrator.


After nine years of freelance work, he accepted a job as a mural artist for Interior Systems, Incorporated , a mural company whose main client was McDonald's Corporation. Dale spent five years with ISI, designing and painting murals in the studio and on location across the country.

Dale has work in collections for the American Family Insurance Corporate Headquarters, Coca-Cola, Bank First National, University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospitals and Clinics, Johnsonville Sausage World Headquarters, Blue Harbor Resort and Hotel, McDonald’s Corporation and private collections.

Currently, he maintains a full-time art studio in the Ebco Artworks building in Sheboygan, WI. He divides his time between personal painting, commissioned work, and commercial mural projects.

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Liz Ann Lange

'm going down in history!
This Saturday from 10am-3pm, I'll be hanging out at the Sheboygan County Historical Museum (off Erie and Taylor Drive, near Memorial Mall) with several other Sheboygan area artists.
I'll have an area set up with some of my work, as well as some of my studio ephemera- whatever I can fit into my car!
Come pick my brain. This isn't a selling event, just a chance to see us and talk to us, to meet us at the intersection of the present and the past in a museum that celebrates and preserves the history of Sheboygan County.

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John Posewitz



Phillip Nuveen

I am of the artistic persuasion, I'm one of those endlessly creative individuals who can do a lot with a little. I've devoted myself to art and design whole heartily at this point in my life. Design will save the world. And I am lucky enough to have the talent and ability to help. I'm a young artist, still finding my footing, although I enjoy mastering several mediums. I may even be somebody who's career flourishes and i'll be a design tastemaker, the sky is the limit. When i'm not slaving away at my retail job 30 hours a week to pay the rent i'm designing, building, painting, cutting, glueing, sewing, photographing, retouching, printing something. And when I'm doing that I'm generally having a coffee or a cosmopolitan, depending on the time of day of course. I've got a big heart and really nice leather goods, kinda like Jackie O.

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Kettle Karvers Klub

We are a group of people who enjoy various types of woodcarving. We range in skill from professional carvers to rank

beginners, so all who share an interest in this hobby are welcome. Some of our members also are experts in scroll work

and intarsia.



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Circus Garton Toys Pranges at Christmas Sheboygan Bakeries Quilts Reiss Coal

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