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Many technological advances in aviation are due to the persistence of innovative pioneers inspired to step well beyond the accepted norms. The Museum's "Innovations" gallery displays and celebrates a wide variety of aircraft at the cutting edge of aviation achievement. The airplanes in this gallery have broken literally dozens of world records - the fastest, the highest, the furthest - even the smallest.


Dick Rutan and Jeanna Yeager's globe-circling flight in the Voyager is a case in point. Under the guidance of Burt Rutan, this remarkable aircraft was built by a handful of people incorporating common homebuilding technology.

The Musuem's Voyager exhibit, features an accurate replica of the aircraft that accomplished the first non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world in 1986. Visitors can look inside the spartan cockpit where the crew lived for nine days.




Gene Sheehan, Tom Jewett, and Burt Rutan cooperatively designed and built the Quickie in April 1977,



Rutan VariEze Prototype - N7EZ

Burt Rutan’s prototype VariEze (“very easy”) made its public debut at the 1975 EAA Oshkosh Fly-In.









car plane



hot air balloon carriage

AirVenture Museum "Innovations" War Planes Pioneer Airport Young Eagles


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