Pioneer Airport

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Pioneer Airport



Pioneer Airport is a re-creation of a vintage aerodrome, with more than 40 additional airplanes on display.



 From May through mid-October (daily Memorial Day through Labor Day), flights are offered in vintage aircraft.



Pioneer Airport displays some of the oldest planes the museum has. This airport is located at Wittman Field and is open for all of summer and into the fall months. The Pioneer Airport  runs all of its planes off of a 2200 foot runway made of grass and is used to park cars during the AirVenture event. Although the airport is not available to tourists during AirVenture, it gets a lot of attention.


view of EAA headquarters and AirVenture Museum



The Pioneer Airport contains one of the most popular airplanes at the museum: the Ford Tri-Motor. Not only does this specific plane deliver rides, but it is also one of the oldest planes the museum owns. A large group of people can take this plane out at one time as it can hold up to nine people and the pilot. Pioneer Airport used to feature a Bell 47 helicopter that was available for rides, mostly during the AirVenture convention. Pioneer also featured a Steerman monoplane, also available for rides.

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radial engine












Ercoupe "Easy to Fly"



glide plane






Cord automobile









replica of "Spirit of Saint Lewis"










airport fuel truck



AirVenture Museum "Innovations" War Planes Pioneer Airport Young Eagles


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