Clothing Green Goods

Clothing and Cloth Merchants


appliqué from the tent maker


the shop


traditional tent maker


Ottoman style building with the traditional balcony window for ventilation


house wear for behind those grill windows


table coths


hat maker


material carried from the horse wagon to the shop


another delivery


for the wife


or the sister


yard goods


delivering the tea


for tents or upholstery


for sale by the meter


shirts from the cart


material for the dress


frantic shopping


crowded street

More Photos of the People of Cairo


discussing the price


picking the fabric


waiting for the customer


narrow lane


checking it carefully


need the one from the very top


bed covers


Sir, Please cover that nude manikin


something for the daughters


roping and tassels


hardware for the drapery


colorful canvas materials


room dividers


it was a good shopping day

Clothing Green Goods

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