Elderhostel the Museum


at the

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

September 13, 2005

on the

Empires in the Fertile Crescent

Ancient Assyria, Anatolia, and Israel


the host


we gathered together for coffee


welcomed by Carole Krucoff


introduced to the museum collection
by Geoff Emberling, Director of the Oriental Institute Museum

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the subject


from the citadel of Khorsabad


aerial view of a Tell  in Amuq Valley


explained the Stratigraphy of excavating a Tell

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lunch at the Quadrangle Club


first course


chicken salad


cheese cake for desert
(so tasty, I forgot to take the photo before I started eating)


Norman Golb, Professor of Jewish History told us about
The Dead Sea Scrolls


about his theory that the scrolls were remnants of Jerusalem writings,
not written in Khirbet Qumran, as previously thought


a portion of a Dead Sea Scroll


"Delivering Mid-Eastern Culture to the Mid-West"
over the entrance doorway of the
Oriental Institute

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Elderhostel the Museum

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