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The Situation in Israel/Palestine

Summary by President Jimmy Carter

"Palestine Peace, Not Apartheid", page 215


Currently there is a system of apartheid, with two peoples occupying the same land but completely separated from each other, with Israelis totally dominant and suppressing violence by depriving Palestinians of their basic human rights. This is the policy now being followed, although many citizens of Israel deride the racist connotation of prescribing permanent second-class status for the Palestinians. As one prominent Israeli stated, I am afraid that we are moving toward a government like that of South Africa, with a dual society of Jewish rulers and Arab subjects with few rights of citizenship. The West Bank is not worth it.

An unacceptable modification of this choice, now being proposed, is the taking of substantial portions of the occupied territory with the remaining Palestinians completely surrounded by walls, fences, and Israeli checkpoints, living as prisoners within the small portion of land left to them.

That is Apartheid!

Peace Process President Carter New Pentagon Papers

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