Barter Theatre

Barter Theatre Martha Washington Inn

Barter Theatre



Barter Theatre

The Barter Theatre, at Abingdon, is unique in the United States. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, actors gave performances there in exchange for food, and the bartering arrangement gave the theater its name. Later, state funds were appropriated to support the Barter, and it became the official state theater. Today it presents three distinct programs of live theater-traditional, explorative, and for young audiences.

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Robert Porterfield


the theatre as seen from the stage


looking at the stage


showing the box


theatre items obtained from the Empire in New York City




current offerings


theatre was the home of many young stars
including Gregory Peck


gift to the theatre


a dressing room


under the stage
showing the elevator used to make people
"pop up" on stage


scenery positioned off stage


purchase a theatre carpet in the gift shop


along the street

Barter Theatre Martha Washington Inn

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