Biloxi Natchez Tupelo

Photos of Biloxi, Mississippi


taken as part of an


October 1998


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Welcome to the State


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Our Host
Seashore United Methodist Assembly


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Our housing


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We were on the beach
(beautiful Live Oak trees)

More Photos of the Shoreline


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We learned about Gulf Coast Archaeology


the seafood industry in Mississippi Sound


biloxi6.jpg (63183 bytes)

and how to get oysters from the Mississippi sound


nets used for fishing

More Photos of the Mississippi Sound


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we visited "Beauvoir" the last home of
Jefferson Davis

More Photos of Beauvoir


biloxi13.jpg (61449 bytes)

his pew at the
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer


biloxi8.jpg (80521 bytes)

and saw the last days of the Confederacy


biloxi9a.jpg (51929 bytes)

the Biloxi Lighthouse
built in 1848 of cast iron



Other Photos of the Mississippi Gulf Coast


boarded the boat


raised the sails


biloxi9b.jpg (59987 bytes)

we went sailing on the Biloxi Schooner
"Glenn L. Swetman"


and viewed Mississippi Sound

More Photos of Mississippi Sound

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George Ohr "The Mad Potter"





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Homes of Biloxi


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and viewed many
Antebellum Homes

More Photos of the Homes


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nearby was the town of
Kiln, Mississippi
of interest to Wisconsin "Green Bay Packer" fans

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Biloxi Natchez Tupelo

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