Kŏbo-san Market

Kŏbo-san Market Pagoda Temple

Kŏbo-san Market

held on the 21st of each month
at the To-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan


boxes of shoes from the truck on sale next to the temple building


plants and trees


large trees placed on the sale site by the crane in the truck


vegetables on sale next to the Buddhist marker


dried fish for sale next to the Buddhist water fountain


pottery on sale next to the stone lantern


sales space on the stone bridge


food stand


fish stock for miso soup


baked bean cakes


dried seaweed




chop sticks




second hand shop


male traditional costume


flea market items


model armor


one man's treasures




art work

Clothing market



nicely dressed shopper


looking for bargains



art fabrics


second hand shop


taking the purchases home


looking through the offerings


colorful dress



going home after a good shopping day

Kŏbo-san Market Pagoda Temple

Arashiyama Heian Jingu Higashi Hongan-Ji Imperial Palace Kinkaku-ji Kiyomizudera Nijŏ-Jŏ Nishi Hongan-Ji Okazaki Shrine Sanjusangendo Tŏ-Ji Kyoto 1966

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