Lake Issyk-kul

Bishkek Lake Issyk-kul Osh

Lake Issyk-Kul


terrain in Northeastern Kyrgyzstan


river flowing into the lake


looking South to the Terskey Alatau mountains


Lake Issyk-Kul

Ysyk-Köl, Lake, also Lake Issyk-Kul, large mountain lake, northeastern Kyrgyzstan, in the Tien Shan mountain system. The lake lies at an altitude of 1607 m (5273 ft) and has an area of about 6100 sq km (2360 sq mi). The lake is fed by many streams but is drained by none. Its clear, slightly saline waters reach a maximum depth of 700 m (2298 ft). An increase in irrigation in the lake's basin has contributed to a decline in the lake's level, which has dropped about 10 meters (27 feet) since 1850. The lake's contraction appears to be related to climatic as well as human factors. The lake does not freeze in winter and supports some commercial fishing.


Issyk-Kul Sanatorium
(called "Aurora" since the building resembles a ship)


"workers paradise" park at the hotel


along a village street


typical village dwelling


selling fish


a local graveyard


woman's grave


notice the frames to resemble the "yurt" dwellings


more yurt graves


moons and stars


as in life

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