Granada Leon Markets Managua Volcanos




on the outskirts of León

León (city, Nicaragua), city, western Nicaragua, capital of León Department. León is the transportation and cotton-trading center for the surrounding agricultural region. Manufactures include furniture, shoes, and leather goods. The city is the site of the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua (1812) and an 18th-century cathedral, one of the largest in Central America. León was founded in 1524. During the 19th century it was the center of the Liberal Party. Population (1995 estimate) 150,000.

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the Basilica Cathedral of Leon


the altar


Christ in a side chapel


the guardian Lion of Leon
(at the entrance to the Cathedral)




ashes from a recent volcanic eruption gathered in the street


selling food in front of the loader


children's amusements in the square


side street


casket maker?


local statesman


Ortega running for President


old and new

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Granada Leon Markets Managua Volcanos

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