Elderhostel Music Hall Underground Railroad Union Terminal

Elderhostel Program on


and the

Ohio River


our host

Northern Kentucky University


in the state of Kentucky

Other Photos of Kentucky


Don Deming, PhD told us the Cincinnati Story


about General St. Clair and Fort Washington
(from the mural in Union Terminal)

Other Photos of the Art Deco Union Terminal


visited the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati


listened to a concert by the Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer Society

Other Photos of the Dulcimer Society


visited Cincinnati Music Hall


where we "Exposed ourselves to the Arts"
(music library of the Cincinnati Symphony)

Other Photos of the Cincinnati Music Hall


were shown the paintings of the
Cincinnati Art Museum

Other Photos of Cincinnati


on our free afternoon some of us visited the Aquarium


Jim Bruckman told us about Beer and his family Brewery


and lead us in a German bar song


and went for a river boat ride on the Ohio

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Elderhostel Music Hall Underground Railroad Union Terminal

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