the Cure

the Cure Government Gardens Roses

the Cure



A spa town, or simply spa, is a town frequented mainly for health reasons, to "take the waters". The word comes from the Belgian town Spa. In continental Europe a spa was known as a ville d'eau (town of water). The term spa is used for towns or resorts offering hydrotherapy which can include cold water or mineral water treatments and hot thermal baths


Nature's Cure at Rotorua


bathing pool


tonic waters


The Spa Ethos


bathing tub


water temperature controls


bell to call the attendant


hourglass timer to measure the length of the treatment


pool for bathing


original tile must be replaced


water heater

Mud Baths


Analysis of Bath Mud


mud storage vat


thermally heated cupboard for towels


Mud Bath Stories


mud bath tub




as it appeared


Mistaken identity


shower for removing the mud from the body



The Blue Baths


The Blue Baths


bath house




check in desk

the Cure Government Gardens Roses

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