Elderhostel Geology Reykjavik Snaefellsnes

Photos from an


program in



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the country


iceland30.jpg (55654 bytes)

our study location


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we had roast lamb


and The Traveler having a good Danish brew


iceland21.jpg (69262 bytes)

we studied how they lived


iceland22.jpg (61075 bytes)


saw the beautiful Icelandic horses


iceland24.jpg (68294 bytes)

learned how the woman's last name is "her father's daughter"


from the pastor


of a country church


iceland25.jpg (71091 bytes)

we studied volcanic formation


saw a geyser


the Gullfoss falls


and walked on the fault line between the North American and European tectonic plates


and braved the wind from the central Icelandic ice pack
(the winds are generated by the different in temperature between the ice and the barren land)

More Photos of Iceland Geologic Features


iceland27.jpg (59854 bytes)

we saw nesting birds


iceland26a.jpg (69652 bytes)

and how they feed their young


iceland23.jpg (61044 bytes)

and made a home visit


where they showed us Icelandic sweaters


and photos from their family's vacation in the North of Iceland


had a day visit to Snaefellsnes

More Photos from Snaefellsnes


We were impressed with the sculptures and this sculptured landscape

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Other photos of ICELAND

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Elderhostel Geology Reykjavik Snaefellsnes

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