Iban Longhouse

Kuala Lumpur Sabah Sarawak

Mulu Kuching Iban Longhouse Nanga Sumpa

Photos of an

Iban Longhouse
Sarawak, Malaysia

in 1979


iban1.jpg (85860 bytes)

people of the longhouse


iban2.jpg (92512 bytes)

welcome dance


iban3.jpg (75557 bytes)

old warrior with tattoos

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As they are today (1998)
the heads of the victims and the tattoos are mostly gone


iban4.jpg (99326 bytes)



iban5.jpg (64259 bytes)

(no longer any tattoos)


family structure and responsibilities


iban6.jpg (79524 bytes)

private quarters of the chief


the kitchen


an Iban


iban7.jpg (67834 bytes)

the common area


iban8.jpg (81218 bytes)

work in common area


child care and family gatherings


iban9.jpg (89573 bytes)

use of outside area


drying grain

More Photos of the Longhouses


stag horn fern growing wild

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Mulu Kuching Iban Longhouse Nanga Sumpa

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