Obelisk Park

Obelisk Park Queen of Sheba St Mary of Zion


Obelisks of Axumum

Tall granite obelisks, 126 in all, stand (or lie broken) in the central square. One measuring 110 feet (34 m), now fallen, is said to be the tallest obelisk ever erected. The obelisks range from nearly plain slabs to intricately inscribed pillars. Door- and window-like shapes are carved into some of the pillars, giving them the appearance of slender buildings. The most recent of the obelisks announces the adoption of Christianity by a 4th-century king. At least 27 carved stone thrones have been unearthed in the overgrown ruins of the ancient palace.

Text from Encyclopedia Britannica


seen from behind a fallen obelisk


fallen and broken





obelisk next to flowery hedge

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Obelisk Park Queen of Sheba St Mary of Zion

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