Agave Cuervo



fields of Agave


name of a distillery on the hillside of Agave



a mature Agave


the babies


the jimadores
cutter of the Agave


cutting out the baby


the baby trimmed for planting


planting the baby


panted for its 8 year long growth to be mature


a jimadores can plant 2,000 babies in an 8 hour day


Agave are periodically trimmed back

Link to a Video clip showing trimming of the Agave for harvest


cutting away the Agave to expose the piňa


the piňa


the piňa






slicing the piňa


to show its interior


 the starch which can be converted to alcohol


all in a day's work


commemorated in a painting on the back of a tourist bus

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Agave Cuervo

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