Problem Areas


Problem Areas



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 Cult of Personality Regimes


(Head of all Turkmen)


My Photos of Turkmenistan

 Saparmurad A. Niyazov, (1940- 2006), Turkmen politician
imagined himself as "Head of all Turkmen"

New elections after his death, hopefully solved this problem


North Korea

The son continues the cult of his father
Kim Jong Il, takes over from Kim Il Sung

and now the grandson



 New Crusade

The "Crusade" of the American religious fundamentalists against the Muslim fundamentalists of the World,
could be as disastrous as the crusades of many years ago.

The "Crusade" not only polarizes and destabilizes the Middle East, but also many parts of the world.


7th Century Mosque of Omar, Domat Al-Jandal, Saudi Arabia
(may have been first used as a Christian church)

My Photos of the Middle East

 Lets keep our foreign policy secular, and balanced toward all people!



 Non Democratic processes in So-called Democratic nations

In some counties the one who got the highest popular vote in an election is not declared the winner
do to rigged election laws giving more power to certain areas or groups, or
can be subverted by courts, packed with political cronies.


statue of Liberty

U. S. A. elections in 2000

and now again in 2016

When the selected President was not the one with the highest popular vote count.


malaysia.jpg (67917 bytes)

Kuala Lumpur
(new against the old in 1979)


My Photos of Malaysia

Where the government is not the majority.
Malays favored over ethnic Chinese


Suva, Fiji


My Photos of Fiji

Where the government is not the majority.
Fijians favored over ethnic Indian people


selayar6.jpg (166703 bytes)

the people


My Photos of Indonesia

In many parts of Indonesia, the Javanese Muslims,
 are imposing their will over indigenous people and ethnic Chinese


Lets press for electoral reform, One Man One Vote, all over the World!



 Nuclear Concerns

In this World there should be no need for Nuclear weapons


flag over Masada


My Photos of Israel

Lets be consistent and demand that all nations in the Middle East
 give up their Nuclear arms, and plans to build them


Kyongbok Palace, Seoul
(next to government buildings)


My Photos of Korea

All of Korea can only be safe if North Korea gives up its Nuclear weapons
and South Korea is encouraged never to build them.


Principal danger is that, cash strapped, North Korea
starts selling them around the World.


Lets resist more nations obtaining nuclear devices
and encourage all those who have them to destroy them!



 Use of Land Mines

Land Mines are a cruel form of weapon, since they kill more civilians than combatants
and are around in unknown locations long after the conflict.


camboda7.jpg (59250 bytes)

Monument to those who lost their lives in the
"Killing Fields" period of their history.


My Photos of Cambodia

Many innocent civilians are still being killed by land mines laid by the Khmer Rouge


korea8.jpg (72153 bytes)


My Photos of Korea

The DMZ  between North and South Korea is heavily mined
This is the reason the American military uses to ask American Congress not to ratify the treaty


Ratify the Land Mine Treaty, that bans there use!


Environmental Issues Emerging Democracies Hot Spots Poorest Nations Problem Areas Suppressed People The Dilemma

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