Breeds Champions Man O' War



Times Up - American Saddlebred


Rich in Dallas - thoroughbred
(also Seabiscuit in the movie)


American Curly


American Saddlebred


Jake, the gypsy horse


Salven Grundy - Military Mount


American Paint Horse





meeting the public


horses love the attention

Draft Horses



Heavy horses include draft horses and coach horses. Draft horses were developed in the Middle Ages as the heavy chargers ridden into battle by armor-clad knights. They were later used to pull plows and heavy wagons and perform other farm work; they have largely been displaced in the 20th century by tractors. Draft horse breeds include the Clydesdale, Belgian, Percheron, and Shire. Coach horses were bred for pulling large carriages and for light farm work. The Cleveland Bay is an example of a typical coach horse breed.






poster from the Museum showing draft horses

Breeds Champions Man O' War

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