Rough Point

Beechwood Breakers Elms Marble House Rosecliff Rough Point

Rough Point

a Newport, Rhode Island "cottage"


arriving at Rough Point in the private vans of the
Newport Restoration Foundation

Frederick W. Vanderbilt built this vast English Manorial house in 1889 on a dramatic, windswept promontory on Newport’s Cliff Walk, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In 1922, James B. Duke, the founder of fortunes in electric power and tobacco, and benefactor of Duke University, purchased Rough Point. In 1925, James Duke died, leaving his enormous financial legacy to twelve-year-old Doris, his only child. Rough Point became one of Doris's several very private retreats.





the neighbor house seen behind the hedge


Rough Point on the water


Rough Point as seen from the Cliff Walk


the Cliff Walk bridge, as seen from Rough Point window

Beechwood Breakers Elms Marble House Rosecliff Rough Point

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