Old Town

Nace House Old Town

Old Town

Skofja Loka, Slovenia






fast food




the street


the inner courtyard






street chapel





corn drying under the house eves



 Loka's lordship was managed in the absence of the bishop by administrator named also chieftain and granary-man. The inhabitants of the town and its surroundings were occupied in many trades which were developed at the end of the Middle Ages into the trade unions - guilds. Only townspeople were allowed to trade. There were many famous artists, writers and scientists who created rich cultural inheritance of Škofja Loka, as a result of constant working in an environment full of art and nature.




part of the old town wall


the castle


the Nace house


for heating the Nace house

More Photos of the Nace house



up side down blooms from the window box

Nace House Old Town

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