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Iron Making Nail Making


The small historic village of Kropa is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia.


Kropa, Slovenia, European Union


ironworking museum

The local museum is fantastic and a visit to the ironworks follows.

Photos of Kropa Iron Making


nail making forge

Kropa produced nails for Venice as well as for railroads throughout the  Empire

Photos of Kropa Nail Making


Kropa used to be a centre of iron forging and its rich tradition in this area is still visible everywhere you go. The forgersí museum is particularly interesting as it showcases everything you may see on a stroll around the town as well as those aspects of iron forgery which time has erased.


iron lantern holders

One unforgettable experience in Kropa is the floating of boats downstream which takes place every 11th of March, the eve of the feast day of St. Gregory. This is the inheritance of an old custom of throwing lights into the water to greet the arrival of spring when lights would no longer be necessary due to the lengthening days.


town was once the domain of the Bishop of Freising

(note "The Travelers" name is Frysinger
Freisinger would be the name of someone from Freising)




good work is Godly




a great music box


the cylinder used to make the mechanics play the music


built in Prague

Old town Kropa




commemorating victims of World War II


an Inn


prepared for rain




shrine corner




water channel along the main street


working a water wheel











church on the hill


looking to the hills

Iron Making Nail Making

Bohinj Countryside Kropa Lake Bled Ljubljana Skofja Loka

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