Bohinj Countryside Kropa Lake Bled Ljubljana Skofja Loka



in the Julian Alps

Bohinj is the best known glacial valley of the Julian Alps. At its head, in an amphitheatre overshadowed by the somber face of the Komarca, is situated the most famous Slovene waterfall Savica. A thousand meters higher, and behind, there is the vast Komna plateau. The Komarca, along with the most beautiful high altitude valley of the Julian Alps, the Seven Triglav Lakes Valley.


accommodation in the park



residence next to the mountain


How did Bohinj get its name? A legend.
Once upon a time when God was dividing the world among people, and having divided almost all of it, he noticed a group of people standing by the side and not struggling to get to the front. He took pity of them, seeing how patient and modest they were. Therefore he gave them the most beautiful part of his own world. This is now called Bohinj – after God, who is called “boh” by the Bohinj people.


The Bohinj Valley is a favorite starting point for hiking in the southern part of the Triglav range.e.



a walk through the park



The first attraction of Bohinj is its lake, beautifully situated between the wooded slopes of Mernik, Prsivec and Vogar.








No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, but enjoy the Park


monument from World War II


The natives of Bohinj were the first to reach the summit of Triglav.


monument to those who first climbed the Triglav peak on the left


climbers all


for a stay at the Park


with boat and dog


or just watching the ducks


candidate for mayor


tourist boat

Bohinj Countryside Kropa Lake Bled Ljubljana Skofja Loka

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