Centre Family Elderhostel Farm Meeting House Shaker Design Textiles Trustees' Office Wash House West Area



Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill


August 20 - 25, 2006


host class room


Susan Lyons Hughes tells us of Shaker Worship and Theology


Twana invites us into the Meeting House for Shaker Music and Dance


the Meeting House interior



A Video Clip of Twana singing and dancing a Shaker tune


Donna Phillips tells us of Shaker music


and dance


Centre Family Dwelling in Pleasant Hill


twin doors for the Sisters and the Brothers

More Photos of Pleasant Hill

More Photos of Centre Family Dwelling


meals are in the Trustees' Office

More Photos of the Trustees' Office


a salad


main course for dinner


and dessert


after dinner Don Pelly showed us the grounds


with the old stone fences


candlelight for breakfast


the buffet


my choice for breakfast
(sausage, eggs, apples, with peppered and buttered grits)


Kim McBride described the Archaeology of Pleasant Hill


showed us the research to find the original location of the stone fences


excavation at a old building site


a future challenge


discussed how they found the Sacred Dance site at the Holy Sinai's Plain


Ralph Ward talked about the farm at Pleasant Hill


the historic barn

More Photos of the Farm


Tommy Hines talks about other Shaker communities


shows slides of the making of Shaker furniture


and the sales as the communities fail and close

More Photos of Shaker Design


Nancy Martingale shows Shaker textiles


and items from the Pleasant Hill collection
(Susan and Nancy showing a woman's dress)

Other Photos of Shaker Textile work at Pleasant Hill






Nicky Hughes tells us of Pleasant Hill and the Civil War


Debbie Larkin shows Shaker Herbs


with slides


makes a mixture of botanicals for preserving clothing from moths


with each filling a sack to take home


the Dixie Belle on the Kentucky river
(the port for Pleasant Hill)


our final dinner in Trustees' Office


our final dessert
(caramel custard tart)


the final farewell in the Meeting House

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Centre Family Elderhostel Farm Meeting House Shaker Design Textiles Trustees' Office Wash House West Area

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