Elderhostel Estancia Punta del Este Montevideo

An Estancia

in the department of

Florida, Uruguay


the estancia


residence buildings


the grounds


the patio


the chapel






tile mural showing the main activity of the estancia


preparing the Asado (Bar-B-Que)

Stock raising is the principal agricultural activity of Uruguay and the mainstay of the economy, contributing more than 35 percent of yearly Uruguayan exports in the form of meat, wool, and hides. The moderate climate, with few local variations in temperature, and the even distribution of precipitation make it possible to pasture stock throughout the year. In 1999 livestock numbered 10.7 million cattle, 15.5 million sheep, 500,000 horses, and 360,000 hogs. Wool production in 1999 was 75,503 metric tons.


forcing the stock through the narrow wooden runway


in line to get branded


moving them along


the branding irons being heated


branding a cow


the cattleman's saddle



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Elderhostel Estancia Punta del Este Montevideo

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