Port-Vila Tanna Island





Art of Vanuatu

The way of life in Port-Vila reflects its French and English colonial heritage.


colonial style building
photo from 1992

Vanuatu Court House.
razed in a fire in the early morning of Thursday 07 June 2007


monument to local men involved in the European war

With fine restaurants, shops, and hotels, it is a cosmopolitan city that caters to Western tourists.


tourist attraction is the ocean


a resort on its own island


with a native band


and dancers


but "No Walking on the tall Grass"

Vanuatu’s other urban area, Luganville, is a simpler community with far fewer Western characteristics. In rural areas, the traditional lifestyle centered around subsistence agriculture remains largely intact. Houses made from local wood and palm leaves predominate, and much of the clothing is of traditional design. Both urban and rural residents consume kava, a mildly narcotic drink made from a plant in the pepper family, in ceremonial and recreational settings.


Custom Chief's Meeting House


the lagoon


native boats


local art

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on Tanna island is an active volcano


volcano fire seen at night


Tanna island vegetation

Photos of the People of Tanna Island

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Port-Vila Tanna Island

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