Atata Costumes Countryside Tongan kingdom

Tonga Costumes


explaining the role of the coconut

Tonga has retained much of its Polynesian culture. There is respect for traditional authority and customs, and the lifestyle is conservative.


Tongan National Centre
(to preserve Tongan customs)


pealing the bark to make cloth


making baskets


preparing kava


church doors

Christianity has been thoroughly integrated into Tongan society. All commerce and recreation are prohibited on Sundays, the Christian day of rest, and much of Tongan social life is structured around the church. Western-style houses, usually constructed from wood and topped with corrugated tin roofs, are common in urban areas. Housing in rural areas is a combination of Western-style dwellings and fales, traditional Tongan homes constructed of woven coconut leaves.


native costumes




more formal costume




Western-style clothing is common for everyday use. Women typically wear dresses and men are required by law to wear shirts in public places. Urban Tongans rely on imported foods.


Tongan native foods

People in rural areas are largely self-sufficient, relying on foods from their gardens and fish caught from the ocean. Everyone is expected to contribute to the well-being of the extended family, which typically includes parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Men head the extended family, while women typically play supportive roles.

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Atata Costumes Countryside Tongan kingdom

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