Yasawa islands

Fiji ceremonies Sugar Cane Suva Market Yasawa islands

Cruising the

"Blue Lagoons"

of the

Yasawa Islands



Rural Fijians practice subsistence agriculture. Some live in traditional bures, one-room houses with woven mat walls and thatched roofs. However, many bures have been replaced by concrete houses that withstand cyclones better. Furniture is sparse, as floor mats are preferred to sofas and chairs. Village life is communal, with everyone expected to share in ceremonial preparations and village upkeep.



People are respectful of traditional patriarchal authority; the village chief, usually a man, leads the villagers and presides over important rituals. Kava, a non-alcoholic drink made from the crushed root of a pepper plant, is the ceremonial drink. It is served from a bilo (coconut cup) and drunk to ritual clapping, once before drinking and three times after swallowing. Rice, yams, and fish are typical foods. Western-style clothing is common, but sulus, wraparound skirts for men and women, are also worn.




the interior


grave marker


items for sale to the tourists


ship for the "Blue Lagoon" cruise


the Blue Lagoon


fire for meal on the beach




on board the "Blue Lagoon" cruise


dancing with the band


male dancers


women dancers


at the beach


back at the food market

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Fiji ceremonies Sugar Cane Suva Market Yasawa islands

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