Agrigento Heritage

Agrigento Heritage Greek Temple Museo Archeologico Temple of Zeus

Agrigento Heritage



Stoai Cultural Association

A presentation of the diverse cultural heritage of Agrigento

Greek Heritage





Greek figures, like in the Black Pottery

Photos from the Archeological Museum

The Presentation


Welcome to our presentation


Greek lads leading the way


come all


to the time of the Greek warriors


and their presence in Sicily


an eligible young Greek maiden


meets her true love


gifts are presented


a proposal of marriage


the priest


performing a  Greek wedding


pledged to each other for a long and happy life

The Saracen Period started in 827 AD


Muslim women


displaying the fruit of the land


betrothed for a long and happy life

Norman Invasion

1050 AD



Norman lad


the Bishop


the bride bringing offerings


marionette show of the fight between the Norman knights and the Saracens



the victory

Agrigento Heritage Greek Temple Museo Archeologico Temple of Zeus

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