Elderhostel Program hosted by the
Amelia Island, Florida,
Museum of History


Our Host group, the Museum housed in what was the former jail.


Fernandina Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida
just South of the Georgia border.


The town has many examples of Period architecture stretching from the Early Spanish Colonial period to that of the Victorian. The styles were explained through the use of models in our lectures, such as this model of the Episcopal church.


the Episcopal church in the town



which we visited


model of one of the houses


the house as it appears in town


we had lunch at the Shakespeare's Kitchen


had lectures on Amelia Island history



and visited a net maker


turtle release loops used with the nets

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Our field trip was to FORT CLINCH



Union garrison


which was held in the time period of the Civil War
(Southern Rebellion, to us Yankees)


the 35 star flag of that period





and all aspects of life in the Fort were presented to us by the Sergeant.


naval guns


Officers Only latrine





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Photos of the Manatee in Florida


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