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Amelia Island




Name: The Island was named by General James Edward Oglethorpe in honor of Princess Amelia, the daughter of King George II of England.

Location: Amelia Island is located at the extreme northeastern corner of Florida, just across the St. Mary's River and Cumberland Sound from Georgia and about 32 miles north of Jacksonville.

Elevation: The elevation of the Island is 20-25 feet above average mean sea level.

Size: Amelia is 13.5 miles long; its width varies from one-quarter mile to two miles, comprising 18.2 square miles and 11,600 acres, of which approximately 7 square miles lie within the city limits of Fernandina Beach.

Population: The 1990 census recorded a Nassau County population of 43,941, of which approximately one-third lived on Amelia Island. The projected Nassau County population for 1995 was 57,181.

Temperature: The annual average mean temperature for the Island is 69.9 degrees.

Main Attractions: Amelia's main attractions are its beaches, fishing, golf, Fort Clinch (which offers sightseeing and the Island's only camping facilities) and Fernandina Beach's 50-block Historic District, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Principal Industries: The Island's principal industries are tourism and commercial fishing.


fishing boats

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Fernandina Beach's 50-block Historic District


Hoyt House


Bailey House


Amelia House






Italianate style


Methodist church


Catholic church

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Railroad across Florida


1853 - 1861 constructed across Florida


one of the surviving rail cars


Fernandina Beach station


Villa Las Palmas
(the Yulee residence)


the pineapple yard ornament


Yulee graves

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Eight Flags

from the many times this city changed national allegiances


sign from the former eight flags museum


housed in the former jail


a model of a Spanish Galleon


detail of the deck area

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Amelia Island Fort Myers Key Largo Key West Manatee Miami Saint Augustine Sarasota Tarpon Springs Timucuan

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