Ludwigslust Schloss Ludwigslust Schwerin Wismar Wittenberge


remaining city gate




A city in Mecklenburg, not to be confused with Wittenberg, Martin Luther city.


city hall




Culture Hall
a holdover from the DDR


Paul Lincke

Paul Lincke (November 7, 1866 – September 4, 1946) was a German composer. His march Berliner Luft ("Berlin Air") is the hymn of Berlin.

The march Berliner Luft comes from Lincke's 1899 operetta Frau Luna about a trip to the moon in a hot air balloon, where an adventurous party of prominent Berliners meet Frau Luna and her court. Other Lincke operettas include Im Reiche des Indra (In the Kingdom of Indra) and Lysistrata. (The latter includes the song "Glühwürmchen," translated and arranged in the 1940s by Johnny Mercer as "Glow Little Glow Worm" and performed by the Mills Brothers among others.) He also composed the piece wedding dance played in Titanic 1998 version which is played while the ship is going down and in the dining room in earlier scenes


monument to youth





St Heinrich church


many unused buildings









school children going to classes



German language word play


Evangelical church


anti Nazi


train station


freight station


large rail maintenance yards


Lutheran church







Ludwigslust Schloss Ludwigslust Schwerin Wismar Wittenberge

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