Saint Agatha

Bellini Cathedral Fish Market Persepe Saint Agatha University

Saint Agatha of Catania


on the Piazza del Duomo


Baroque facade


the Cathedral

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honoring Saint Agatha

Agatha, Saint, according to tradition, a noble Sicilian virgin of great beauty and wealth, who rejected the love of a Roman consul and as a result suffered cruel martyrdom. The antiquity of her cult is evidenced by her inclusion in early martyrologies and in the canon of the Roman Catholic Mass. In art, she is frequently depicted with her severed breasts on a plate. Whether Agatha ever lived and, if so, whether she died in the persecution of Christians conducted during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius (249-251) or that of Diocletian, 50 years later, is unknown. She is the patron saint of Malta and of Catania, Italy. Legend relates that several times the mere carrying of her veil (taken from her tomb in Catania) in procession averted eruptions of nearby Mount Etna, and that her intercession saved Malta from Turkish conquest in 1551. Saint Agatha's feast day is February 5.

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ceiling ornamentation




Agatha chapel


shrine carried in procession on Saint Agatha Day


its base


the sgrine


ceiling painting of Saint Agatha


a scene from the life of the saint

Bellini Cathedral Fish Market Persepe Saint Agatha University

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