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Shanghai Museum

The world-renowned Shanghai Museum, a museum of ancient Chinese art, was established in 1952 at the West Nanjing Road in what was once the club of the Shanghai horse race course. In 1959, it moved to 16 Henan South Road. In 1990, it moved once more to its present and arguably most appropriate location in the People's Square. With a collection of over 120,000 pieces of cultural relics, the museum is especially famous for its treasures of bronzes, ceramics, paintings, and calligraphy.

Ethnographic Section


Uyghur shirt
Western China






Gallery of Arts and Crafts by Chinese Minority. The pieces displayed here include dress and personal adornment, dyed and woven embroidery, metal art ware, sculpture, ceramics, and bamboo wares used by the minority. The different styles, remarkable color, and creative conception symbolize the pursuit of a happier life.









Gallery of Ancient Chinese Jades. Originally used on ceremonial occasions, the quality of jade ware deteriorated after the Donghan Ages. In the Tang and Song dynasties, jade was used more commonly in daily life.



Ming chair


Gallery of Chinese Furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Furniture made during the Ming Dynasty is famous for simple modeling, gracious line, and well-balanced scale, while furniture made during the Qing Dynasty is noted for extravagant material and splendid decoration.


Ming chair
used by distinguished visitors


Ming bed


Ming chair


Ming room arrangement
(note the folding chair as the place of honor)


Qing chair


Qing table arrangement


Qing chair and screen


Qing crane ornament


carved Qing panel


miniature models showing the household procession
(household furniture at the rear)




Gallery of Ancient Chinese Bronze
(from the Xia Dynasty, 21st century B.C. to 221 B.C.).


Bronze bell


old Chinese bell design



single and double rank bell ensembles

Gallery of Ancient Chinese Sculpture



man on horseback


man on Bactrian camel


standing Buddha


Buddhist altar piece

Shanghai hotels

the Bund Maglev train Museum Nanjing Road People Silk

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