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entering the old city


old city skyline

Delft, city in the western Netherlands, in Zuid-Holland (South Holland) Province, on the Schie River, near Rotterdam. Principal manufactures are chemicals, tobacco products, carpets, cloth, soap, mathematical instruments, pottery (called new delft), and leather.


"old delft" - panel from Amsterdam museum


new delft pottery in kiln


hand painting old designs

The city, intersected by canals, contains a number of notable buildings, including the Prinsenhof, now a museum, where William I, prince of Orange, was assassinated in 1584; the Old Church (13th century); the New Church (14th century), noted for a tall Gothic tower and set of chimes.


new church


Town Hall



The Town Hall (1618) contains portraits by Michiel van Mierevelt. Jan Vermeer, the painter of the famous View of Delft (1660?), was born and lived here. The Delft University of Technology (1842), a prestigious engineering school, is here.


town of canals


in the old town


along the canal


old building preserved


building detail

Founded in the 11th century, the town was heavily damaged by fire in 1536 and by the explosion of a powder magazine in 1654. It was famous in the 17th and 18th centuries for the ceramics known as delftware, which has experienced a revival in this century (see Faience). Population (1994 estimate) 92,241.


along the canal

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Amsterdam Amsterdam 2007 Amsterdam Harbor Delft

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