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Yalta, city in southern Ukraine. Located on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, on the Black Sea, Yalta is an important health and vacation resort. It is sheltered from north winds by the Crimean Mountains and has a mild climate. The site of the modern city was annexed by Russia in 1783. In the early 19th century the newly founded town became a favorite resort of the tsars and nobility. Population (1993) 115,548.

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the Black Sea sea shore


restaurant honoring the early Viking invasion


or the Swallow's Nest restaurant


or along the rocky shore


past the fountain


to the retired hydrofoil restaurant


for some local brew

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Pushkin in Yalta



the dacha of Duc de Richelieu


where Pushkin made a short visit


tree in Hurzuf park

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Chekhov's Dacha



the Dacha

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Alexander Nevsky cathedral


begging at the gate


the entrance


mosaic of Alexander Nevsky


the altar


lighting a candle

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The Palaces


Livadiya Palace

In February 1945, during World War II, nearby Livadiya Palace (1911) was the scene of the Yalta Conference.

More Photos of the Livadiya Palace

Alupkinsky Palace, where Churchill stayed during the Yalta conference

More Photos from Alupkinsky Palace

Alupkinsky Palace Livadia Palace

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Chernobyl Crimea Folk Architecture Kyiv Odessa Yalta

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