Red Fort 2006

Fatehpur Sikri Red Fort 2006 Taj Mahal 2006

Red Fort 2006

Architecture Interior


Holy cows grazing outside the walls (1996 photo)

The great fort at Āgra (156574) represents the building activities of the emperor Akbar. The fort has the massive so-called Delhi gate (1566) and lengthy and immense walls carefully designed and faced with dressed stone throughout



Photos from 2006


the Red Fort




showing the moat




a World Heritage site


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More Photos of Mughal Architectural features





hall of public audience, the flat roof of which rests on rows of columns and pointed, or cusped, arches



hall of public audience


Palace gardens




view of the Taj Mahal



Taj Mahal in the distance

Photos of the Interior of the Palace









Circular Bowl



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Architecture Interior

Fatehpur Sikri Red Fort 2006 Taj Mahal 2006

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