Beach Bektashi Order Berat Butrint Durres Elbasan Elderhostel Gjirokaster Kruja 2012 Lake Ohrid Saranda Tirana



old and new town


part not restored


the mosque


another view


the platform where the statue of Enver Hoxha had been

Hoxha, Enver (1908-1985), first secretary of the Albanian Workers Party (1943-1985), the most powerful position in Albania. Born in GjirokastŽr, he studied in KorÁŽ and in Montpellier, France. Dismissed from a diplomatic post in Belgium (1934-1936) for writing articles critical of the Albanian government, he took a position in KorÁŽ teaching French. After Italy occupied Albania in 1939, Hoxha led the underground resistance movement and in 1941 formed the Albanian Communist Party (known as the Albanian Party of Labor or Workers' Party from 1943 to 1991, when it was renamed the Socialist Party). When Albania was freed from foreign occupation in 1944, Hoxha became head of the provisional government; he remained prime minister until 1954 and also held the position of foreign minister from 1946 to 1953. Suppressing all opposition, Hoxha embarked upon a program of industrialization and agrarian and social reform. His isolationist Stalinist regime was allied with the USSR until the Soviet renunciation of Stalinism led to a formal break in 1961. Albania then became China's chief ally; relations cooled after 1978 due to China's rapprochement with the United States. In 1974 Hoxha repelled an attempted coup. He retained power until his death in April 1985, and was succeeded by Ramiz Alia.

Text from Microsoft Encarta


Enver Hoxha's childhood home


the fortification
(used as a jail, now a Museum)


interior jail row




Museum commemorating resistance to German occupation


old war mementoes


cannon marking detail


new war mementoes
(an American war plane)


flower of peace in bloom

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Beach Bektashi Order Berat Butrint Durres Elbasan Elderhostel Gjirokaster Kruja 2012 Lake Ohrid Saranda Tirana

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