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Et'hem Bey Mosque Skanderbeg Square Tirana 2012


Tirana (1994)


the city

Tirana or Tiranė, city in central Albania, capital of the country and of Tirana District, on the Ishm River. It is the largest city and the principal commercial, manufacturing, and cultural center of the country. Tirana is connected by rail with the port city of Durrės, on the Adriatic Sea. Major products include textiles, metal goods, footwear, agricultural machinery, and processed food.


local notable


Soviet style apartments


residential dwelling

Tirana is the site of the University of Tirana (1957), the Institute of Agriculture (1951), the Academy of Sciences (1972), and the National Library (1922). Points of interest include the Albanian National Culture Museum; the Natural Science Museum (1948); the National Historical Museum (1981); the Museum of Archaeology (1948); a fine arts gallery; and the Mosque of Etehem Bey (early 19th century), located on Skenderbeg Square.


Skenderbeg, Albanian National Hero
in Skenderbeg Square

More Photos of Skenderbeg Square


 Albanian National Culture Museum


the mosaic


detail of Albanian workers


 Mosque of Etehem Bey (early 19th century)



The settlement, established in the early 17th century during the Ottoman Empire's domination of Albania, was originally known as Teheran. It became the capital of Albania in 1920 and during World War II was occupied (1939-1944) by Axis forces. Population (1990 estimate) 244,200.

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monument to Fallen Heroes outside Tirana


open spaces in the Tirana of 1994


people in Skenderbeg Square


Skenderbeg statue in front of government building


Cafe in Tirana, at night


after hours shopping (1994)

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Et'hem Bey Mosque Skanderbeg Square Tirana 2012

Beach Bektashi Order Berat Butrint Durres Elbasan Elderhostel Gjirokaster Kruja 2012 Lake Ohrid Saranda Tirana

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