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Gouyave is the third-largest fishing town in Grenada (behind the capital, St. George's, with a population of 4,378. It is located on the west coast of the Grenada and is the capital of the Saint John Parish.


famous runner Kirani is from Gouyave

Originally called Charlotte Town after Queen Charlotte of Britain, it was renamed Gouyave by the French because of its guava trees.


One of the town's annual celebrations is Fisherman's Birthday. On June 29, fishermen come from all over Grenada for competitive boat racing, entertainment, fish foods, and many other activities. Also, every Friday the town celebrates "Fish Friday," a weekly festival that offers a wide range of fish dishes and entertainment. Fish Friday was founded to promote community development in Gouyave and the overall Parish of St. John's by promoting it as a fishing village.

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location of Fish Friday Festival



Fish Market







on the coast








Beach Resort Countryside Culture Gouyave Spices Sugar Cane St. George's

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