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Cavtat Cilipi


a canal

 Konavle, the southernmost region of Croatia, derives its name from CANALIS (latin for canals, i.e. irrigation).


diverts water from the stream


waterwheels produce power from the moving water


Romans built the canals to bring water to Cavtat from Vodovađa. The canal's remains can still be seen.


water race for the waterwheel


the waterwheel


the canal to the mill


the miller in country costume


stone grinding wheel


for grinding corn to cornmeal


the miller explains the process



grinding the corn


the cornmeal


woven bag for the cornmeal


ready to go to the market



local fabrics on display


the water in the channel turns the wheel in the mill


and exits below

Some two dozen communities exist in Konavle today settled on the lands between Duboka Ljuta (roughly midway between Cavtat and Dubrovnik) and Ponta Oštra (Prevlaka point).


Cavtat on the Adriatic

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A nature's paradise, the whole region - starting from the slopes of the mount Sniježnica and stretching all the way down to the rugged rocks overlooking Adriatic - is rich in evergreens and Mediterranean vegetation.


cooking "under the dome"
(the meat is in a pot covered with a dome, on which the hot embers are placed)


house with a pigeon rookery at the back


pigeon rookery
(pigeons were raised for eating)


girl in country costume in Cilipi

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Dubrovnik Ethnic Cleansing Konavle Kosljun Lovran Opatija Pula Rijeka Rovinj Split Trsat Volosko Vrbnik

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