Smoky Mt RR

Biltmore Estate Bryson City Folkmoot Smoky Mt RR

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad






board at Dillsboro to travel to Bryson City, NC


leaving through the rail yard
(note engine boiler in the right background)


round the turn by the stream


floating on the stream


the bridge


baled hay in the field




rapids in the stream


country house


crushed cars used as the bank stabilizer
(now covered with Kudsu)


Kudsu growing up the trees and telephone poles

Kudsu (Pueraria) - P. thunbergiana is a remarkable climbing plant of almost tropical vigour, growing up poles, colonnades, and walls to a great height in a very short time. It belongs to the Pea family, and is a plant the Japanese make a great economic use of in various ways, but our main concern with it here is for the flower garden, where it is hardy and useful as a rapid-growing leafy screen. The flowers are a dull violet-purple and very fragrant, but only come towards autumn, when the plant is well established. Increase by seeds, division of the fleshy roots, or by cuttings.


end station in Bryson City

More Photos from Bryson City


Bryson City station


Toy train Museum in Bryson City, North Carolina


family residence


train going over the bridge


open field
(once a Cherokee ceremonial ground)


low hanging clouds


hay barn


oldest house in the area


Missionary Baptist Church


multiple family dwelling


hay bales in the field


engine next to our tour bus

The Great Train Wreck


train was rammed into the bus


staged for the Movie The Fugitive
with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones



bus marked "Illinois Department of Corrections"



Thomas comes to town


based on the children's book


buy a ticket for a Day Out with Thomas


Waiting for the train


Thomas, the engine

Dillsboro, North Carolina



town office

Biltmore Estate Bryson City Folkmoot Smoky Mt RR

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